Are you ready for GoldChess Millionaire?

Das Millionaire-Online-Turnier mit einem Preispool von $ 400.000 wird am 15.-16. Dezember auf    stattfinden. Es ist bereits möglich, die Buy-In-Gebühr zu bezahlen. Die ersten 10.000 Teilnehmer, die ihr Startgeld zahlen, nehmen an einer Verlosung für ein Mercedes-Auto der A-Klasse teil. Wir laden Sie ein, in großer Zahl am Turnier teilzunehmen.

Il torneo online Millionaire con un montepremi di $ 400.000 si svolgerà dal 15 al 16 dicembre sul sito  È già possibile pagare la quota di buy-in. I primi 10.000 partecipanti che pagheranno la quota di iscrizione prenderanno parte a un sorteggio per un'auto Mercedes di classe A. Vi invitiamo a voler  partecipare numerosi al torneo.

Le tournoi en ligne Millionaire avec un prizepool de 400 000 $ se déroulera du 15 au 16 décembre sur  Il est déjà possible de payer les frais de buy-in. Les 10 000 premiers participants qui paient les frais d’inscription participeront au tirage au sort d’une voiture Mercedes Classe A. Nous vous invitons à participer au tournoi.

The Millionaire-online tournament with a $ 400,000 prize pool will take place on 15-16 December at It is already possible to pay the buy-in fee. The first 10,000 participants who pay their entry fee will take part in a draw for an A-class Mercedes car. We invite you to take part in the tournament in large numbers.

Claudio Boschetti Challenge

December 1st!


Welcome   In our Boschetti Challenge tournament on December 1, you can play by paying an entry fee for a $ 2000 prize pool, or for free to win a prize - enter the next tournament.   As part of the mini probe, please answer the following 2 questions. Thank you.   1. We have already informed about the tournament. Have you visited, registered, downloaded chess program and played with him? Did you solve the problem with one of the diagrams to check your options and opportunities? In Goldchess, you have to train to win.   2. Declare whether you will play in our tournament on December 1? (answer> A, B or C)   A. I will play in the tournament for prizes, paying the entry fee.   B. I will play in the tournament for free entry to the next tournament.   C. I will not play.   In this way, we want to know the number of players to determine the final prize pool and perhaps increase it. We are asking for a real answer.   E-Mail: